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Pharmznanie (in translation 'Pharmaceutical Knowledge') is an innovative company focused on implementing cutting-edge IT technologies in healthcare, and promoting digitalization and modernization of the industry.

The company portfolio includes a number of projects related to online training of healthcare professionals (Pharmznanie.ru and Medznanie.ru), as well as projects that assist pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies in identifying business growth areas (PharmMarket and Easy Launch). Besides, our company works on a social mentoring project for school children (PharmaTeens) with an aptitude for natural science who are looking to make a career in healthcare.

About Pharmznanie
Pharmznanie (from Russian 'Pharmaceutical Knowledge') was established by a strong team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market. The Company's projects have been running since 2016. The rapid growth of Pharmznanie is based on easy scalability of its online services depending on the target audience and market conditions of different countries, which is backed by the expertise of the team of leading experts in implementation of IT projects in the healthcare sector.
Our Projects
Entry into global markets with Pharmznanie and Medznanie projects
Market release of Easy Launch service in Asia and Europe
Scaling of PharmMarket service to 10,000 supervised pharmacies with adjustable marketing, and participation in the Medicine Labelling Project
Scaling of PharmTeens social project to cover the entire territory of the Russian Federation
Marketing Strategy for 2018–2019
We are cooperative and willing to help our customers, partners, and all members of our team.
Our Values
Friendly Attitude & Readiness to Help
We choose to work towards raising confidence in the healthcare system and improving the prestige of pharmaceutical and medical professions.
Occupational Prestige
We make every effort to raise the expertise of our company and each specialist in particular to become a leading market expert in the key areas of our activities.
Health Consciousness
Our mission is to make a positive impact on people's health with what we do.
We at Pharmznanie are committed to transparency in the Company's business activities. We are open for cooperation and always ready to offer you our professional skills.
Constant Development

We scale up our projects, work constantly on improving our customer service, and do everything we can to meet the needs of our customers and employees when it comes to development.
Brand Loyalty
Our brand reputation is built on the reputation of each member of our team. Both are our top priorities.
Elena Vatutina
CEO & Founder
Elena has been working in healthcare for over 15 years. Her previous project focused on targeted mass media for pharmaceutical professionals. In 2016, Elena set up Pharmznanie, the IT company which offers online training services for healthcare professionals, as well as solutions designed to enable cooperation between manufacturers and pharmacies (Easy Launch and PharmMarket). Elena has an MBA degree in Strategic Management from the Open University, UK.
For over 8 years, Maria has been working in pharmaceuticals industry; her work experience includes such top pharmaceutical distributors of Russia as "PROTEK" and "Katren". Since 2016, Maria has been involved in business development as a co-founder of the Pharmznanie company.
Maria Ryabukha
Vice CEO and Co-Founder
Our People
Leads the Sales Department of the Pharmznanie company. Has 10 years' experience in sales. Works with pharmacy chains of all categories, from single pharmacies to large federal chains, on company products: education, trainings, courses, and the PharmMarket project; highly focused on delivering exquisite customer service to pharmacy chains. Favourite quote: "Once you start working with us, you won't want to go anywhere else — simply because we are the best in what we do!"
Alisa Surikova
Sales Director
Pavel Volyntsev
Technical Director
Leads development of the services provided by Pharmznanie, guides project teams. Has over 18 years of experience in the management of IT projects, including those designed for the pharmaceuticals industry. Worked on the development of ERP and CRM software, including multi-language 24-hour services with large volumes of data and algorithms based on artificial intelligence and semantic databases.
Vladimir has been involved in the development of web applications since 2001. Developed B2B systems for various industries. At Pharmznanie, Vladimir has been in charge of the architectural design of web applications for internal and external services of the Company since 2016; he leads the programming and Service Desk teams during online trainings.
Vladimir Kutsanov
Chief Information Officer
Anna Surina
Coordinates organization and development of online educational events and programs offered by the online services of Pharmznanie.ru and Medznanie.ru. Brings over 10 years of experience as a journalist and editor of pharmaceutical periodicals. Previously worked as an Editor-in-Chief of "Katren-Style", a popular pharmaceutical magazine for pharmacy technicians and healthcare professionals. Besides, Anna developed from scratch and launched a health magazine (Apteka.ru, run of 1 mln copies).
Leads the Educational Center at Pharmznanie, coordinates development of all educational programs for the Company's online services. Pharmacist, Teaching Fellow of the Department of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Evidence-Based Medicine of the "Novosibirsk State Medical University" Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia.
Margarita Shilova
Head of Educational Center
Irina Drozdova-Kurivchak
Marketing Director
Directs market promotion of all Pharmznanie brands in Russia and abroad, including marketing and PR activities, and leads the Analytical Center at Pharmznanie, which conducts research in respect of pharmaceutical retailing. Brings over 10 years of experience in marketing and PR, as well as 8 years' experience of conducting analytical research.
Upgrades UI and UX design of the existing customer services of Pharmznanie, develops new customer services for the Company, controls the email marketing system, and conducts web analytics.
Konstantin Ivanov
Internet Marketer
Responsible for relations with key stakeholders in major areas of the Company's activities (Pharmznanie, Medznanie, and Pharmmarket). Helps with the selection of product promotion strategies and the most interesting ideas for educational events, provides all the necessary information about the projects, and answers all possible questions. Over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceuticals industry.
Elena Bashmakova
Head of Project Support Department
Company History
April 12 — online training platform for pharmacists (Pharmznanie.ru) launched
Accelerated development of the Pharmznanie.ru service supported by the Accelerator of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF)
The PharmMarket service launched to enable cooperation between manufacturers and pharmacies
Seed investments from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund obtained by the Company
Figures achieved for the PharmMarket project:
1,200 points of sale (pharmacies), 25 manufacturers
The Medznanie.ru platform launched to provide online training to healthcare professionals
PharmTeens, the mentor program for school children, launched
12 april
The Easy Launch service up and running for foreign manufacturers striving to enter the market of Russia and the CIS
over 1,000 cities of Russia
pharmaceutical companies from all over the world
Why Work with Us
Pharmznanie (in translation 'Pharmaceutical Knowledge') is one of the most fast-growing businesses at the intersection of IT technologies and healthcare. The Company's projects are targeted at digitalizing educational processes in the healthcare system, as well as at using digital technologies for the development of the pharmaceuticals industry. In that way Pharmznanie opens up new great opportunities both for IT specialists interested in the development of business solutions and pharmaceutical and medical professionals drawn to the possibility of the industry digitalization and shaping of healthcare of the future.

Pharmznanie is striving to create all needed conditions for the development of professional and personal skills, and personal fulfilment of employees. Outcome based work, proactiveness, strong interpersonal skills, flexibility, willingness to take responsibility, and readiness to step up to the next level—these are the traits we value most.
The rapid progress of the Company's projects promotes professional and career development of employees. There are already people in the Company who have made their way from an individual contributor to a manager of two departments. The Company recruits the best in class specialists in the labour market, and supports professional growth of internal candidates. We are keen to see our team grow with highly qualified specialists in the fields of IT, healthcare, pharmaceutics, marketing, sales, etc.
Investor Relations
60,000 learners enrolled on educational courses every month
8,200 points of sales (pharmacies)—partners all over Russia
1,220 supervised pharmacies with adjustable marketing
40 direct contracts with pharmaceutical manufacturers (GlaxoSmithKlein, Boiron, Dr. Reddy's, Innotech, Angelini, etc.)
Current performance indicators
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